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Kejora di Kaki Langit-Darma Mohammad

Gambar ihsan dari sdr wan A Rafar

When I held this novel “Kejora di Kaki Langit” written by Darma Mohammad and published by Creative Enterprise Sdn Bhd (540 pages), for the first time, immediately the word “kejora” pulled my eyes. Looking it up, “kejora” is a term use to group stars that flow in the “Rivers of Galaxy”. Some people might refer to it as the “bimasakti” or “amanogawa” that the Japanese like to use in haiku writings. But I opinioned it nearer to “Subaru” like the title song in the video below.
I have known (not personally) the writer from a couple of years before, when he often made constructive comments in my blog writings. After knowing only his name, I am exposed to some of his free-style poetry that was often published in papers, bulletin and journals and more, of his creative writings scattered in the cyber world.
The story line of the book are easy issues, not thought-provoking, brain-smashing, heavy material. It tells a career-minded heroine, unsuccessful in love relationship and finding a comfortable path in building up her career thereon. The common term for this type of theme is Chick lit novel. Often with this story line, we find the writer to be commonly lady but as a man writes this novel, it should be more of an eye-opener. Readers should be able to see some perspective from a man’s point of view.
As I have anticipated, coming from a writer who has ample experience in free-style poetry writings, this novel is scattered with famous quotation of wise words and lines from many books that the writer is familiar with.
In addition to this, for readers who are inclined to puisi (Malay-style poetry), there is a little bonus thrown in.
The puisi, “Kaki langit ditusuk karang” is the writer’s eloquent ness, word precision, colorful vibrancy and depth of emotional current.

Three of the verses as appetizer:

Pertemuan ini menjadi sejarah,
Kenangan manis menjadi abadi,
Namamu melekat di hatiku,
Pesan dan sindir menjadi ingatan.

Bertemu, bermesra dan berpisah,
Lumrah hidup lumrah alam,
Keharuan ini harus ditelan,
Berat lidah mengucap selamat tinggal,
Untuk tarikh bila berkumpul semula.

Esok, kita akan berjalan jauh,
Penuh liku panas dan berdebu,
Masing-masing berlainan arah,
Membawa pulang pengalaman diri,
Membawa pulang lara sendiri.

Again, with the solid background of a poetry writer, see this picturesque scenery written as metaphor,
jari-jari angin,
wajah malam yang legam,
suara hujan,
tamsil senja,
menyeri langit di batin,
sekeping mimpi yang melayang-layang di atas awan,
sayup di hujung bimasakti,
terus menyala di dapur hati,
deru kereta membelah rambu-rambu senja,
suara dari sejuta lidah awan,
rintik-rintik senja bertaburan,
kehitaman bertaburan di langit…
and many more.

Even readers without any poetic sentiments would be pulled by the word attractiveness.
On top of all these, the writer also managed to insert wise word from famous Japanese proverb and some lines from Confucius powerful thoughts. There are mentioned of famous books like “Laa Tahzan”, “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”, “Di dalam lembah kehidupan” by Hamka and much more. Evidently, this shows much research, footwork, homework done in preparation and writing.

Appropriately, making the story line more in tune to the latest worldly event, some contemporary songs are added to spice up the flavor as in
“Don’t wanna lose you” by Gloria Estafan,
“When will I se you again” from the singing group The Three Degrees,
“You raise me up” solo singing of Josh Groban.

Thought reflection of lifetime experiences shows in these lines made me rewind some memory buttons (quote page 364).

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.”
Next book,

“Derai-derai debu” by Darma Mohammad

Coming up.

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