Saturday, June 21, 2008

Real Kelantan food

After a beautiful spread of food for breakfast, we made our way to Pantai Cinta Berahi, which has changed to Pantai Cahaya Bulan recently. There were rows of small stalls selling coconut water. We sat by the beach and slowly sipped the coconut water with the South China breeze blowing from the sea.
We popped in the Bazaar Buluh Kubu but I didn't buy anything at all. I saw some tudung bawal but the materials for the scarf are too transparent and thin. I am worried, with the uncultured way I fashion my scarf, some part of this hair would show in the see-through material.

Then, I stepped in Pasar Siti Khadijah, which to me is like any wet market, only the things sold are quite new to me, like pickled sukun fruits and turtle eggs. I couldn'd stay long at the market because the most sensitive part of my body is my nose.

I had to run out of the market, practically. From there we went to Rantau Panjang, took some beautiful pictures at the Customs Point but I am too tired to upload now.

This is the lunch that Mr. Darma Mohammad's wife prepared for us.
Nasi kerabu with solok petola and lada, celur buah beko (very new to me). Buah beko reminds me of snake, with flat body, a head and a tail.

This is something we had for dinner, pulut durian and rice tapai and some keropok lekur. I can feel the heat building up in my body as I wrote this entry. If unavoidable, maybe I need to take a little shower before going to bed to night.

After the rest and the good lunch, we head to Kampung Geting. Mr. Darma said this village is designated officially as the cottage industry of dried fish like ikan bilis and salted fish. We saw rows of ikan selar kuning being dried in the salty air and sea breeze.

Dangar, Pasir Mas.


  1. pulut durian tu sungguh menggiurkan :) tapi durian je la... pulut nanti angin satu badan ke ke ke

  2. k.lela...alhamdulillah, dah selamat jadi tunangan org rerupa nye Minako eh.moga berbahagia dan selamat semua nye.