Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thumb print

Had to cross over to JB today to update some stuff, to activate some cards. My brother-in-law didn't want to send me since the filling up on gasoline at Johor stand is not worth anymore. I took the JB-Spore taxi. Getting in, I immediately asked for the "white card" and to my surprise, no more white card is needed.

Ini semua pasal itu satu orang sudah lari keluar jail, the driver tried to explain. What orang?

what jail?
apasal dia sudah lari?
that were my questions.
Kakak, apa pasat lu tak dengar kah? Kakak mana mari?
I kept quite, don't want to tell anything but the talkative driver still carried on talking.

Then at the immigration point, the thumb print scanner was passed around in the car for each of us to scan. Well, I like this thumb print thing, at least I don't have to scribble on that white card and sometimes misplaced it on the return trip.

The driver dropped us at some designated drop-off-point and immediately I took the local taxi. Its about 1km away to my designation but the driver told me the fare is rm10 and the meter is broken. Suka hati engkaulah.
He overshoot the bank front entrance and told me he didn't realized it...hey brader, you are the local driver, don't shit me.
Maaf ye, saya tak perasan tadi...

malas aku nak layan...
get out and bang the door.

During some fund-transferring at RHB, this counter girl, sweetly tell me.
Kakak boleh tak tulis cepat sikit, saya nak keluar makan!

I, too with my sweet voice told her,

"awak nak makan, pergilah makan, takkan orang lain tak boleh ganti"?
I cannot even swallow this situation...a bank counter girl telling me, the bank customer to hasten the form writing.
Of course, nothing would change my life and when I turned to the counter again, I still see her there.
With some sarcasm, "kata nak keluar makan, kenapa ada lagi"?
Feeling guilty, she said, "saya tunggu kakak habis"...

tahu pun-tolol!

I observed and I am happy to have the chance to compare, only after comparing do I know how beautiful the other side of midnight is.

Taman Pelangi, Menara Pelangi, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


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  2. alamak..kesiannya kak lela having bad experience.. not a good impression kan..

  3. k.lela, dah kat s'pore rerupa nye. ish, girl yg keje kat kaunter bank tu mmg tak patut kata begitu. sabo je lah! moga k.lela happy dan enjoy berholiday.take care!

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  5. akak,
    saitei na keiken desyou..
    i am malaysian and i hate the service there..baka baka shi..
    taxi na koto wa..i have same experience last weekend,he said meter rosak,and charge me whatever price they want..and keep asking me.."is that ok?" ..tolol sangat,do day light robery and ask ok or not..do we have choice when MOST taxi driver in malaysia act like that..meter rosak.tolol sangatlah.

  6. kami yg mmg tak pernah duduk negara org ni pun tak larat dgn servis pekerja bank di sini. Naik teksi - hmmm banyaj saje yg meter rosak.
    tapi don't let it spoil your time here ya...

  7. Salam Kak Lela, kesiannya dpt service camtuh.Kalo sabtu turun JB lagik bley la jumpa coz Ahad nie Fadzli nak ke China.