Thursday, July 24, 2008


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That is alamanda, a trumpet-like flower, yellow sometimes pink and I've seen blue one.
Most of my friends in Malaysia, be they from the bloggy society or from the writing group or from the in-course working classes, are young, career ascending, full of vitality in life and most importantly, they are girls.
I stayed with girls. Single and young. Its the freedom in the house that I prefer with these girls. No covering the hair in their houses, just loose butterfly one-piece in and out of the rooms.This trip to Malaysia, I made one of the houses at Putrajaya my port. Presint 9.

I came to love Putrajaya. Everyday, for about 3 weeks, I was alone in the daytime.

One time, after alighting from the bus by Alamanda Shopping Complex, I waited at the crossing for the green walking man to cross the road. Eventhough the road was cleared, I still waited for the walking green man, didn't come, waited again, didn't come, waited again....

How do I ever cross this road? I paniced!

I felt like my culture standard was broken when I dashed across the road, imitating some locals.There were long time alone in the house, I felt cooped up. I should just go out by myself and explore the area.

I did. I ended up in Alamanda Shopping Complex.Bought myself coffee-flavoured soya bean milk (cannot get this in Japan) and a piece of Roti boy with a book in my hands. Precious hours just went looking at people walking by. The book on my lap. The clean environment, the cultured surroundings, the peaceful air, the quiet manner everybody conduct themselves remind me of Naha, Nishihara, San-e, Jusco in Okinawa.
I can sit at Roti boy eating rotiboy by the buckets while people-watching for hours. One time, I went in Burger King, studied the menu and tried hot dog with minced meat (cannot get this in Japan). Again my people-watching session with that one hot dog for hours.
There was time when I wanted very much to open my blog but after inquiring, I found that there wasn't any internet cafe at Alamanda. That is strange. No internet cafe at Alamanda!This is about the only dissappointment for me. The Cyber hub of Malaysia and Alamanda do not have any internet cafe at all.

I ended up going into the Cinemaplex watching "Sepi" alone. Good plot, talented people acting, humourous, some poetic inclination, some heart pinching sadness when I cried at the ending minutes.

If, only if, I intend to buy a property, I wouldn't mind buying a piece in Putrajaya. Make it my home base. Once in a while vacationing in Malaysia, I can use it as my loading and unloading port.

Bedok, Ansar Village


  1. i cannot confirm whether this service are still offered at Alamanda get a wifi connection in Alamanda just go to the customer service counter on the ground level and ask for a connection ticket with password (last time it was RM3/hour)

  2. Kak Lela,
    I like Putrajaya too. It's kinda make me feel like Shah Alam (where I stayed with my late grandpa, years and years ago). Not many housing area in Klang Valley has that nice residential feel, broad sidewalk, nice playground around.

  3. Sis;

    Starbucks Putrajaya got free internet. It's top floor (top of burger king).

  4. salam kenalan ba,
    next round coming to Msia, I will get a small cute laptop with wifi.
    My motto now: have wifi will travel.

    salam lina,
    This trip in Msia, I learnt and explored lots of things on my own. My opinion overall of Msians, they are good people. Helpful and friendly.

  5. salam mba,

    oh ye ke? Tak ada promosi atau iklan pun (mungkin tak terpandang kot), itu yg tak tahu :-(

  6. masyaAllah! sepanjang bulan julai saya di alamanda, buka kaunter etiqa takaful, takde rezeki jumpa akak...alahaii.... (rotiboy tu dekat je dgn workspace saya...huhu...)

    ntah bila akan berjumpa ya...

  7. alahai,
    akak berjam2 duduk memerhatikan orang berjalan di kerusi RotiBoy, memang tak ada rezeki berjumpa, tak apa, insyaAllah di lain masa.