Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am back in Singapore now. Yesterday, I took KTM from Seremban to Singapore and for this trip, that would be the last visit to Malaysia.

This time, I have met so many writers. People that I've known for years and had no chance to meet before, bloggers that I still keep in touch and friends that have known me for years.
It was so beautiful to see such happy faces, remembering the times we had together before and feeling such closeness to be able to be together again.

For the next few days, being with my mother, at my own brother's house, would find me updating so much photos, so much meetings with people I admire, so much writings of their warmth and I have to do it slowly. I have to let my emotion flow ever so smoothly with the memories of those beautiful people, beautiful hearts and beautiful faces.

I feel a pinch in the heart to leave friends in Malaysia. My friends, you know who you are (the list would be long but the names are already embedded deep inside me),
thank you for taking me as I am. You are treasures in my heart, memories that will stay forever, no value in money, no measures in gold can I compare your kindness, your acceptance, and your friendship.

Only one word when I think of all of you...BEAUTIFUL.

Bedok Al Azhar, Singapore.

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  1. kak lela
    friensdship forever ye

  2. Kak Lela,
    tak ada rezeki kita nak berjumpa kali ini. InsyaAllah, satu hari kita jumpa ya.. tak di sini, di bumi Okinawa. :-)
    Kedai tu yg di Medan Mara tu Kak Lela?
    & jgn lupa hantar addr Kak Lela tau!

  3. Salam sejahtera

    semoga jumpa lagi :)