Saturday, February 27, 2010

Magnitude 7

From the media (english)
Laporan di BH (ketik sini).

For relations who called and friends who e-mailed, thank you for your concern. First news is we are alright, alhamdulillah.

I slept late the night before, doing some haiku translations. This morning at 5.31 am, I thought I was shaking in my dreams. After 2 seconds, I became conscious that the earth was trembling. Into the 3rd seconds, I turned and looked at hubby by my side. He did not moved but his eyes were flapping.
He only managed to say, "Jishin! (earthquake)"
Into the 4th seconds, I reached for him and hugged him. I know I'm supposed to take safety under the dining table but I couldn't moved. My mind went to The Al-Mighty, only He can protect us in moments like this.
Into the 5th/6th seconds, we were both hugging and waiting. Some sound of crashing from the distance. I was expecting the roof to fall on us.
I was glad I'm fully dressed, meaning not in my sleeping outfit. If it means I have to run out of the house, at least I'm properly dressed. I don't know why my mind run this way at moment like this.

It was all quiet after 8th/9th seconds. I ran into the living room and switched on the TV. The government channel NHK runs a warning on tsunami. People near the sea have to run for safety as waves as high as 1 meter comes banging in repeatedly.
Hubby found out where the crashing sound originates. The flower vase in the toilet, shake and crashed.
Now, almost half the day is gone and I still have not cleared the broken glasses yet.

My father-in-law now 97 years old said this is the strongest quake he felt all his life. Before the strongest we felt was magnitude 4 but to be exact at 6.9/7 on the Richter scale is BIG!

Alhamdulillah, goes with many heaves of relieve.



  1. salam kak, h r u n fmly? hope everythng is fyn by Allah's grace! all of us wer out from morn... only now we came to knw abt the quake n read ur blog too...

    -Afreen, Malick

  2. salam afy,

    alhamdulillah all fine, Only shaky emotionally.

    lingering phobia forming now.

    salam suhaila,

    semoga semua selamat di niigata.

  3. salam, kak lela. when i heard about the earthquakeon tv and okinawa was mentioned, my thought went to you. alhamdulillah, your family and you are okay. :)

    - cikgu midad -

  4. Alhamdullillah

    semoga Kak Lela sekeluarga di lindungi olehNya

  5. cikgu midad,
    Yes, when people hear Okinawa, those who know me, straight away thought about me. That is real happiness.With Allah's Rahmat, everyone in Okinawa (JPA students, Jica members) is well. Thank you for the kind thoughts.


    semoga rakyat Msia tidak diuji dengan bencana begini, amin.