Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sahabat-sahabat melangkah 2010-Siri 2

There are times when you make plans to meet certain people or times when you've promised and put all efforts for a meeting but those times never come. Many things can happen to prevent those "look-forward to" meetings.
But there are times too that you've wanted to meet certain people but know in your heart the meeting might not happen. Then again, out of nowhere you right in front of that person you've wanted to meet so much.
I call this rezeki Allah. If I don't see some people I wanted to see, I just put it that the rezeki in not given to me that time. If the meeting cannot happen, it will not happen. Trust me. It's not your fault or the other party's.
Talking about meetings...I've wanted to meet this little girl. Calling her just Becky, she's about the same age as my daughters. You may wonder why I want to meet someone the age of my children. Well, that's me. Age and material is not what I find in a person.
I know in my heart I will not see her as I never attempt to arrange for a meeting with her. But deep in my heart, I do wanted so much to see her at least for once.
I was staying at a friend's house at Desa Pertaling/Ampang which is not so far from DBP. On the morning of 16th Dec. 2009, I attended a seminar with talks from some of the big literary shots in Malaysia like Dr. Muhammad Hj Salleh and Dato' Dr. Anwar Ridhwan. As the norm, I was early and noticed some spaces were already occupied as well.
On the other side of aisle, a few rows back I heard two ladies chatting quite vigorously. From the sound of the voices, I knew the loud lady was elderly and another young girl, I can only see her back view. I turned back to see them once but there were engrossed in some verbal Q an A.
A little while progressed, sms came in, "Aunty, r u in DBP?"
My reply, "Yes!"
Again another sms, "Look behind, to your right!"
I did and found her waving/smiling.
There you go...I've got to be thankful for this is rezeki Allah. I got it. I never even bother to arrange for time and place to meet her. There she was!

She has a certain way with writings, she has a certain style. You've got to read her pieces to know what I mean.


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