Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oleander sky

*Pink Oleander

This is Oleander. This flowery shrubs run all around the military bases in Okinawa together with the barb wires. After every barb wires that protect the people and property on the bases, they put up this shrub.

So, you think the American military intends to make Okinawa scene pretty?
Think again. Not that innocent!

The leaves of this angelic flower is poisonous. The white liquid that flows from the leaf contains an allergic substance that irritate the skin.

So, now it is clear why this innocent shrubs with beautiful flowers goes around the military bases.

Stand guard, tall and strong
catching breeze running the sky
Oleander blockade.

*image from google



  1. Saya rasa pentadbiran baru pun belum tentu dapat usir tentera Amerika daripada Okinawa.

  2. Deviously cunning.

    Kalau terkena sikit pun bahaya ke Kak Lela?

  3. lina,

    orang Okinawa kata kalau terkena getah daun oleander, kulit jadi gatal-gatal. tapi lupa nak tanya sehelai atau dua helai.

  4. bunga ni cantik dipandang-pandang je la ek..

  5. ye ume-chan, pandang2, jeling, tapi jgn belek2. Macam anak dara pula hehehe.