Friday, June 25, 2010

Swing high

Image: NHK: Word of season; Swing

These are haiku. Every week, NHK holds 2 or 3 haiku sessions. Of course, the language used is Japanese.
Take a little look at the haiku here. They are all in one line which has 17 syllables. So, one misconception of haiku is it should be in 3 lines with 5-7-5 design. Not necessary.

The word of season of above haiku is swing. How come? You may wonder. Why swing becomes a season word. Swing is an outdoor activity. Most outdoor activity is done in spring or summer. In this case swing is a spring season word, maybe because in Japan the weather in summer is too hot/humid to play in the park.

I don't have time to translate those haiku up there. I have to finish some writing right now, so I'm desperate for time.

Here is my own version of swing.

Clouds all around her
watering heaven's garden
my mom swinging high.


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