Friday, August 20, 2010

Word Processor

I had a word processor just like this before. Can't remember where I stashed it. Before this, my father lend me an Olivetti. Those typewriters that used two-coloured ribbon. Black on top and red at the bottom. I used to write resume after I left school with Olivetti and you should hear the sound in the middle of the night.
My father used to nag about the noise but I have to send the letter out the next day!
Anyway, when I have babies, I did not read nor write. Those 15 blissful years, or is it blissful?
Anyway, I started to write again but Olivetti was not with me. So I got myself a Brother Word Processor.
I used it for about 3 years and then came the Microsoft words. Out goes the Brother WP.
Why am I talking about past years junks?

Because right now I need that junk. I need that Brother WP.
Tell me how to type a virtual document on the computer. That document is like boxes that you have to fill up.
So, I still need that Brother WP.

Why don't your just write?

Nay, my hand gets nervous when writing important documens from the government. I cannot avoid some misspelled words and such.

Oh, give me my Brother WP!



  1. When I was working from 1983-1989, I used Olevetti electric typewriter. After that moved to another company, stoped using it at all till now. But some company still keep one just incase they want to add something else on the document. he..he. how time flies...

  2. salama melatie,

    Young people nowadays don't know electric typewriters.
    I have some problem with getting the replacement ribbon for my word pro, that's why I stashed it away. Microsoft words have some handicapped here.

  3. salam kak lela,
    if it is A4 document, I think can use current printer and M$ word but need patient and a lot of try. do scanning and type on the virtual doc, adjust the doc and print on it. sure can.

    selamat berpuasa

  4. Salam Nawi,

    Take the docu,
    1] scan
    2] download
    3] transfer to google doc.
    4] edit online
    5] print

    Maybe...never try yet. But soooo....troublesome. End up I write with my fingers.

    Thanks for suggesting.