Monday, August 09, 2010

Pucuk Ubi

Tapioca Plant

This is the tapioca plant I found in Uehara farm. I made a dish from it. I fried the fish first with tumeric (fresh from the sea-any fish wil do).
Two thinly-sliced lemon grass with slices of tumeric leaves. In a pot of coconut milk, pound some slices of red chillies and throw all the slices herb together with a handful of boiled tapioca shoot (slice as well).
Boil all of these, some salt for taste.
That's it.
This dish is called gulai lemak pucuk ubi (but I add the fish and the lemon grass with tumeric leave),

Tapioca shoot dish

Hijrah ke pulau
Memetik pucuk ubi


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