Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer High Sch Baseball

All-Japan High Sch Baseball: Konan High Okinawa won the spring tournament this year but not only that, two days ago they won the summer tournament as well. This only happened to 5 schools in Japan so far in history. So winning the Spring and Summer Tournament put a permanent mark for Konan High in the history of high school baseball tournament of Japan.
Airline companies have to put up extra flights to load parents and supporters to Koshien Stadium from Okinawa. In the summer heat that burnt the air at 35c, those children played and those supporters from Okinawa cheered.
At the end of the game, the lost team cried for disappointing their fans but Konan team cried as well.
Tears of happiness.
This is the only way for the Okinawa people to tell the mainland Japanese folks that with their combined strength and spirit, no obstacles will get in their way.
If you looked into the history of Okinawa Islands and its people, bulling, neglecting, undermining, abandoning and mistreating were and still are common practice within the political parties on mainland Japan with Okinawa people.

Thank you Konan Baseball team for making the people on the island proud again.

興南高校 お手柄でしたね!

Yes, we can do it!
Look, we've done it!



  1. Congratulation to team Konan High Okinama. Saya suka gambar buah Dragon Fruits itu. Saya suka yang berwarna merah. Apabila makan, saya selalu berebut-rebut dengan anak lelaki bongsu, Ahmad. Dia suka sangat buah ni.

  2. salam melatie,

    kenapa blogmu tertutup ye? Buah naga itu jenis putih bukan merah. Yg jenis isi putih tak berapa manis macam merah. Tapi buah ini bagus sangat jadi penghadam makanan.

    Selamat meneruskan ibadah ramadan.

  3. I am following the yakyu tournament through NHK.....

  4. oh so desukah...otanoshimini...