Thursday, September 09, 2010

Eid 1931

I just finished taking the last morning meal of Ramadan. Tomorrow is Eid. The truth is this, I am not busy at all with Eid. I've done the normal cleaning and the menu is set and I will take my time to cook for my guests. I called my younger sister yesterday, she is at the shopping mall trying like crazy to get the groceries last minute.
I've worked on this manuscript since July last year. It was finished 3 months ago but I did a thorough check again. I stopped at 92,000 words but along the way at re-check point and last count now, its gone over 100,000 words.
To take the barakah of Ramadan month, I give notice of the hand-over this week. But, more last minute editing takes another couple of days before I finally feel prepared to let it go.

I am so unprepared to celebrate Eid. Most probably on Eid, I will be scanning my manuscript while waiting for some guests to drop in.

I will let you know about this manuscript once it is clear. In the meantime, I have to prepare emotionally for Eid.

To all my blog followers, behind the scene readers from Google reader, Yahoo reader and other feed readers and to all who log in visibly, not forgetting some haiku enthusiast, thank you very much for reading this piece of writing. Along the way, if it has offended you somehow, please accept my forgiveness.

*Many Happy Eidil Fitri with this wish in Arab "Taqabbalullah minna waminka".

*bermaksud: Semoga Allah menerima amalanku dan amalanmu.



  1. Selamat hary raya. Maaf zahir batin, Kak Lela. :)

  2. Eid mubarak...maaf zahir batin...