Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ahli Ma'sumeen

Adabul Haramain, Etiquettes of The Two Holy ShrinesAdabul Haramain, Etiquettes of The Two Holy Shrines by Jawas Husseiny Al-Shahrudy

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As I was transferring some books onto a new book shelf, I found this book. This book was given to me by an unknown person. When she gave me, she scribbled something on the first page, "azar-Dec 26, 2005, I. R. Iran, Tehran".

Seeing this, it all seems to flow back in memory lane. I was doing my Haj and sitting with another lady in Masjid Nabawi, quietly doing my wirid while waiting for the last solat time to come.

She was sitting next to me in black abaya. She asked me why I used my fingers to wirid, don't I have a tasbih? I said no I don't have a tasbih and she gave me her tasbih. I rejected but she insisted. I rejected again telling her I like to use my finger to wirid. She agreed and I thought she might leave me alone.

She showed me this book and opened some pages. She talked about the 14 Ma'summen (a.s)and took the effort to list them down from the content of this book.

The Ziyarat of [1] Imam Ali (a.s), [2] Imam Hassan (a.s), [3] Imam Hassan (a.s), [4] Zeinul Abideen [5] Muhammad Baqir, [6] Ja'ffar Swadiq (a.s), [7] Imam Musa, [8] Ali bin Musa, [9] Mohammad Jawad, [10] Ali Naqi (a.s), [11] Imam Hassan al-Askari, [12] Imam Mahdi (a.s).

When I came home from the pilgrimage, I managed to finish reading it. Then only I realized what the book is all about.

As written in the front page, this book is for people who follows the teaching of Holy Prophet(s.a.w) and those chosen ones in Jannatul Baqee.

I follow the Al-Qur'an and Sunnah Rasulullah all the way till I die, insya-Allah.
This lady gave me her work card and email address but up till today, I've not send her any word.


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