Thursday, May 31, 2007

Black bean bun

Sometimes the entries here bring unexpected laughter to readers without me trying to make it into a humour slot. Truth is, its not my intention to make people laugh on purpose. On top of that I don't think I have a flair to write so effectively that could make people laugh.
I give this dash of humour to the life that is surrounding me. I mean, if I make an effort to peep around the other side, I can see the humour part but sometimes I can't see it and only after the entries are published do I see readers laughing.

The event of this entry happened yesterday at the public bath-house. I went alone yesterday without my usual hang-out friends. Normally when I am on my own, I would usually make light chats with those around me. So, after wrapping my body with a full-length bath-towel, I went in the sauna room.
The temperature as usual at 83c and I saw about 8 ladies sitting around.
Gingerly, I walked and found myself a spot in between two women. On my left a granny about 75 years old and on my right a mother roughly my age-group.
After a while sweating it out, the women around my age told me to better turban my head, that way it would keep my hair intact and to avoid hairs from dropping all over the floors.
Hearing her said this, I just do as advised, turbaned my head and continue thinking empty thoughts. But the granny next to me wasn't very happy with the remarks from the other women and gave a sharp reply to that.

The granny accused the other women of picking on people and making her own rules and to this the other women told the granny that what she said was written as the in-house rules of the bath-house. She continued saying that the rules has to be followed as the bath-house is a public property and everybody else is using the same facility.

They were still arguing over this rule thing and I quietly walked out of the room, trying very much to make myself invisible.

I went out to the open-air pouch, of course the porch is covered with high walls on all sides. I spread myself on the lazy, reclining deck-chair and must have slightly knocked off when I felt someone touched my shoulder.
With my face facing sideway, I opened my eyes only to see a big, belly-button in my face. The belly button moved slightly away and I saw the women who made the remarks earlier in the sauna standing there. There was not a string of clothes on her.

She pulled a picnic chair and sat absolutely naked, crossed leg and started to munch on her bean bun.
I let her munched on the bun and not attempting to make any conversation. She started to talk about the granny who opposed her earlier.
I was sleepy, I need to knock off a bit. If only I can tell her to leave me alone but no, she was chatting away while munching on the bean bun.
Imagine a totally naked women sitting cross-leg in front of you munching bun and chatting something about another women.

I didn't want to look at her nor listen to her chanting...please go away...
Then, halfway through the bun, she put it across my face and told me to finish the other half.
I looked at her, carefully examining the brown teeth that are not straight anymore and looked again at the bun.

She uncrossed her leg. She moved just because she was insisting that I should finish up the bun.
How do you tell a grossly-naked women the word NO.
I told her all the reasons for not accepting that bun but she still insisted that I should take it.

In the end, with finality and no-nonsense tone, I told her I hate black-bean bun especially the ones thats half-eaten by a brown, crooked teeth, stalked-naked women sitting open-legged across me.

Finally, she accepted my explanation and answered "ah, so desu ka"

Hopefully, she understood, I said it in english anyway!
I am, honestly, a true-blue coward.


  1. eeiiii....gelinya dh mkn separuh bg org....

    auntie,sensei nihonjijou kate org jepun xsuka kongsi mknn...tapi sy dgn kwn2 slalu kongsi sy xderla minta sbb sy pon segan nk kongsi dgn deme...if derang bg tu sy amikla kalo boleh dimkn....

    mmm...betul ke sbnrnya derang xgemar kongsi mknn?

  2. hahaha - awat kak lela tak ckp melayu terus, mesti dia lagi panjang cakap "oh soooooooooooooo desuka"...

  3. anony san,
    Gemar ke tak gemar ke kongsi makanan terpulang pada individu masing-masing, org Jepun pun sama juga.

    salam haida san,
    kalau versi melayu lagunya gini...
    hampeh punya makcik sorang nie, berambuslah, roti yang dah kena taik gigi pun nak kasi, hamjadah betul...ha kau, lagi terror kan?

  4. Kak lela

    Apala makcik tu..apsal dia tak kasi kat granny yg dia dok pot pet pot pet tu... Terus granny tu tonyoh aje bun tu kat dia balik...padan muka..ha ha ahah

    p/s terliur asam pedas

  5. heheheh..ngerisss betullll...
    Kengkadang ada jugak situasi macam nie kan..bila susah nak tolak tu..selalunya..saya ambik je...lepas tu mmg jawabnya jadi makanan cik tong sampah le...kekekekkek

  6. loklaq sungguh makcik tu yer. MIL pun suka share makanan kalau pi restaurant. palingggg tak suka

  7. salam hani,
    kalau org tua yang tak dengar kita tolak, memang susah betul. Takut dia kecik hati kan, hani.

    Salam ujen,
    Otto kat rumah ini pun suka paksa-paksa makan, itu yg sangat boring bila dpt org lain pun paksa2 gitu.

    Kalau paksa2 gitu macam fahaman komunis.
    Kita tinggal di negara demokratik, sekali undi NO, biarlah NO.

    Salam ainizakri,
    makcik tu lari dari granny sebab boringlah tu.
    Jgn terliuq asam pedas, buatlah seperiuk besar. Makan sampai 3 hari, sepuas-puasnya lepas tu lupakan 3 bulan hehehe.
    Ini pengubat orang rindu makanan.

  8. kelakor la...masa naked pun ada selera nak share makanan ye...hehehe... anyway...sharing is caring... heheh

  9. kelakor...

  10. Salam HE,
    niat makcik tu baik cuma cara dia salah. Yang penting niatnya baik.

  11. Hi K. Lela, dapat blog akak nie from my friend, Ayu, dia ada course kat okinawa, rasanya akak tak kenal saye tapi mesti kenal hubby saye, dia blaja sana dulu... ingat lagi tak Botoi ? kitorang dah jadi warga Johor sekarang nie.. :)

  12. salam mimi,

    Botoi hubby Mimi? Hissh, mana akak boleh lupakan botoi. Dia tu antara anak JPA yang paling akak sayang. Lepas grup dia balik, tak dpt ganti lagi huhuhu.

    Dia selalu juga hantar mesej kat grup Kiroro tapi ini pertama kali akak kenal Mimi.
    Kereta merah Honda Prelude tu ada lagi ke?

    salam pada Botoi ye, sayang kat dia.

  13. hehehe, mesti dulu dia ada citer pasal saya kat akak kan, aweq yg kenal kat internet, dah 3 tawon jd bini dia pon.kete Honda Prelude merah tu still wujud lg kat rumah, AEM 69 plat mesia dia.Insya Allah, balik kang saya kirim salam pada dia.

  14. salam lagi mimi,
    apa tak, org kena anggau cinta. Masa tu pulak akak ada kucing nama mimi loma. Bila akak panggil kucing tu...mimi...mimi...dia pun sebut nama mimi hehehehe!

  15. hehehe, kantoi, bley story ngan dier nie,ada lg ker kucing akak tu ?

  16. mimi lagi,
    bila kucing itu beranak 4 ekor, kita ambil seekor sahaja. Seekor itu namanya Tora. Ada cerita di tajuk situ tentang Tora.

    Memang akak tahu sejarah percintaan Botoi dlm siber. Tapi dia macam segan2 nak berterus terang. Tup-tup dah nikah, alhamdulillah.