Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cell phone novelist

Her pen name is Rin, short and simple. At 21, her hard cover novel has sold for 400,000 copies. The 5th best sellers in Japan for 2007.
She wrote her best sellers over a 6-month stretch, in between trains while going to and fro her part-time job.
She is a newbreed cell phone writer. After working her fingers on the buttons, she upload her writing to her blogs, where she has readers waiting everyday.
The blog monitor readers reaction and stats. Immediately she finished the novel,
publisher snapped up and a hard cover of 142-page were on sale.
This becomes the 5 top best sellers for 2007.
The cellphone novel was born in 2000 after a home-page-making Web site, Maho no i-rando, realized that many users were writing novels on their blogs; it tinkered with its software to allow users to upload works in progress and readers to comment, creating the serialized cellphone novel. But the number of users uploading novels began booming only two to three years ago, and the number of novels listed on the site reached one million last month, according to Maho no i-rando.
Indeed, many cellphone novelists had never written fiction before, and many of their readers had never read novels before, according to publishers.****The New York Times
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  1. wow.. teknologi digunakan sebaik baik dan sepenuhnya..

  2. salam..,

    konsep menarik, kak lela...

  3. bagusnya... sebab ramai yg bergantung pada handphone untuk hiburan ye, novel dibaca di handphone pun berjaya menarik pembaca setia. Very interesting concept.

  4. salam,

    terima kasih sudi memberi komen zareda, rajiah, lina.
    saya tak tahu nak komen apa lagi.