Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's in my head?

Have you tried translating 3 languages at the same time, at the same sitting, at the same breath?

Not just normal everyday words but words full of flowers, overflowing water, crispy clears rivers. Those sort, if you know what I mean...

This is what happened....

My husband is saying something but I am not listening. But I have to pretend, so suddenly I said... last you managed the snow mountain!!!

Now, where did that come from?

He asked back, what are you talking about? What snow mountain?
I don't know where that come from *sigh*

Then, going deep in your thoughts, nothing can knock you out.
Suddenly from my son leaving the house...assalamualaikum...

out come from my mouth...Nihon no Roshodom, as a reply to that!
What mommy?

Dinner tonight, this question popped up (as usual not listening) while I was in mid-sentence...

I answered...You can eat the pelangi kembar on the table!

Oh, pelangi kembar...something new in my head (roll eyes)

I need my space...give me some my head!


  1. Very impressive. This is the "world" of an author on this Friday night. Puan Halela, (from here)I can hear the sound of waves, and see the colours of rainbow, and scent the cologne of perfume.

    Stay cool and spirited Halela. Keep on going...


  2. nihon no roshodom tu apa kak lela?
    pelangi kembar tu sejenis kuih ke? atau lauk?

    tergelak besar saya baca entry kak lela ni...

  3. Assalamualaikum. Dah 'overloaded' ker? Mungkin kena buat 'sorting' atau pun 'defrag'.

  4. mesti best ada hidangan pelangi kembar atas meja. hihihi saja nyakat :-)

  5. salam tuan darma mohammad,

    thank you for the inspirations.
    I will need your writing expertise and guidance and will have to work extra hard on our latest project.

    salam azra,
    roshomon ialah sebuah pintu masuk di salah satu istana terkenal di Jepun. Itulah nak kata roshomon tapi tersebut roshodom.
    Pelangi kembar is a special dish only served in my head.

  6. salam sdr ep,

    dah mula menulis lagi ke? Harap tidak putus blog lagi ye. Semua sihat dlm keluarga? Mem sihat?

    salam lina,

    kalau nak makan pelangi kembar, kena panjat 1001 mata anak tangga nejiribana!

  7. resepi baru kot pelangi kembar tu? ke ke ke... lawak la kak lela ni.