Sunday, November 30, 2008

Japan Satellite Broadcasting Station

In exactly 3 more years, right on this date July 24, 2011, all analog tv will go out of Japan. One day after that date, anybody still using analog tv will not get any image.

Most countries are still using analog tv, if you dont know what analog tv is, its the tv with the bulky colour tube in the back.

Our family just threw out one analog tv two months ago, we still have one more to throw. Mind you, there is a payment for throwing out tv in Japan. The standard disposable fees for getting rid of your tv is yen 3000 to yen 4000! (thats a whooping rm100 or more).
Now most households in Japan are slowly converting to digital tv, so the electronic shops are having lots of smiling time. I remember there is this grand electronic-goods chain that collect disposable fees instead of defragmenting the parts, they just dumped all the tvs in some store houses. This chain-shop received a biting fine and nasty warning from the information ministry. I dont buy from that shop again, cheaters!

The electronic giants of Japan has fixed digital tuners in all the digital tv to prepare the people for this transition.
Japan Satellite Broadcasting Station, will be the main broadcast station in future. If you look at the picture on top, you will understand how all this works.
We have to replace old analog antenna with UHF antenna.


Anyway, there is a need for people in Japan to change their tv sets and we have 3 more years to do it. The government are announcing this everyday on tv.
So, its not like the Japanese people have any choice to buy or not to buy.
We have to get it. Tv is like the main bloodline of infomation in Japan, afterall most announcement for the people of Japan comes on the main government channels.

What about countries that are not involved in digital broadcasting yet?
They still can use analog tv and not worry about getting in line for plasma or blue-ray!

So, my friends in Malaysia and Singapore, dont rush! Keep your analog, who knows one day it might sell millions on the antique homepage.

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  1. no worries for me to change my tv yet even though it's older than my son!

    But teringin nak TV leper satu. hehehe