Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As I write this note, the police inspector is speaking with otto in my living room again. The first time he came I wrote an entry about it That was two months ago, I thought it was a once-and-for-all event but since that first home visit, he came and "interrogate" otto four times now.
Truth is, I feel the home visit has somewhat become an "interrogation". He sees me writing this entry now. Hopefully, he will not go all out and asked for this blog address. I AM TALKING ABOUT HIM HERE!

Why is he making my otto the target for his inquiry? My otto doesn't mind but I felt like we are "suspected". He inquired about the present fund and donations the muslims here made for the mosque foundation, the identity of muslims who make the Jumaat prayer, whether there are new faces among the muslims on this island and the muslims people from USA on the military bases.

Before he left, standing at the entrance, his last question was whether our daughters are at home presently. He said there was a young woman's voice who answered his call before he visited here.
Otto just said his two daughters are still away working but stop short there.

Went he left, I smiled at Otto and said that young woman's voice is MINE.
Being a very possessive person, Otto said the inspector was just making another open invitation for his next home visit!

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  1. that is so troublesome lah Kak Lela. Why are they asking those questions? Problem with the Muslim community there?

    In a lighter note - your voice memang very the young sounding one. Hehehe.