Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Victoria's secret Fashion Show 2008

Who are these shows for?
For the men?
for women?

Men do not need all these tiny itsy bitsy bits to make love.
Then, these underwears or is it "underwears" are for women.
Yes, to some women, it brings the spirit up just to put them on.
The feel is like having a very tall glass of Haagan Das Ice cream, sweet just for a moment.

Yes, the sweetness is there but I still opt for nothing.

(note from a lady who is married for more than 26 years).


  1. Kak Lela,
    tergelak I baca the last sentence. Nothing is easier.... LOL

  2. k.lela...
    seksi gituk!ehehe..
    ume nak inform yg beg comel hello kitty tu dah selamat sampai :) sangat comel. syukran jazilan!!! taisetsu ni tsukaimasu ne.