Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pearls in the ball

Ai Miyazato (Okinawa girl) at 19, she earned US10 million.

Ishikawa Ryo at 17 this year, he earned US10 million.

What do you do when your child earned US$10 million at 17 years old?

Dont't ask me, frankly I don't know what I will do.

Most probably I am still myself and that child will still be himself.

What can he do with all that money?

He still has to finish his schooling, that I insist.

Then, every morning I will still prepare his lunch box to school.

He eats from his lunch box (bentou) everyday that I prepare.

So, what is there with all that money?

Yes, Ishikawa Ryo is still that same boy. He earned US$10 million this year, goes to school every morning on his bike and eat lunch from the box his mother prepared.

Let me tell you, 70% of that winnings goes to the tax ticket, so the balance 30% or what remains at US$3 million is his for the taking.

You may screamed "What? How come the government take 70%? That is so unfair!"

That is how Japan build their system, nobody run away and build big bungalow houses in Australia or keep a secret box in the Swiss bank hide-out.

That 70% of Ryo's winning goes to support the society of Japan. When my Ojii (FIL) lies in the hospital with 24 hours round-the-clock care, he pays only about US250 per month, when actually it might costs about US$3000 a month.

Lets take 1million old people like my Ojii, so is that humongous or what!

Now you know why it is important for the government of Japan to take those money from the rich and serve those poor old people every where in Japan.

Ryo and Ai, keep those yen rolling, you are the best!


  1. Salam Lela

    Apa khabar?...K.Yan macam biasa...sibuk dihujung tahun. Kat ofis banyak kerja, kat rumah, lagi le...tak habis-habis...Harap Lela sihat dan sentiasa gumbira.
    Selamat Tahun Baru. :-)

  2. kak lela
    imagine zakat cuma 2.5%, tapi masih ramai yang tak bayar zakat. kalau 70% macam income tax Japang, mungkin 99.99% tak bayar.

  3. kak lela
    imagine zakat cuma 2.5% ramai yang tak sanggup bayar. kalau kena 70%, berapa yang tinggal masih sanggup bayar?

  4. Dear Halela;
    Salam tahun baru untuk Halela sekeluarga semoga kejayaan, kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan akan berkekalan selamanya. Amin.