Saturday, April 04, 2009

Insane in the membrane

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There was a false alarm on the national tv station today. At 12.15 in the afternoon, they falsely announced the missile is launched.

"The missile is launched, the missile is launched."

I was sitting alone on the edge of the sofa. My heart was beating painfully irregular.
Then about a half minute later, they announced it was a false alarm.

Look at him, sitting there filling up on his belly.
Do you know that half of his country's people are starving? They scratched the hills and mountains to find roots and grasses and have grass soup for dinner?

Now, with his intelligent know-how equivalent to 1970's era, he is making nuclear weapons, war heads and missiles.
Then, he tries to convince the world it is just some kind of test.
He shoot across routes of land and oceans that commercial flights use. He says he has the rights to do it.
Anyone flying across the Japan Sea from today till April 8th, will be re-routed or better still cancel your flight.

Tell me what rights does he has to cross foreign neighbours with his malfunction weapons?
Look at his belly, know what I feel?
Like crucifying him to a pole on a tip of an erupting volcano!


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  1. kak leha,

    jepun ngn korea utara tgh bermusuh lagi ker skang....tmpt kak leha tu mmg dekt sgt ker ngn korea..dh lah dekt pulau kan....mesti bahaya kalau missile jatuh tgh laut,,,

    semoga xder apa yg buruk berlaku..