Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sitting on summer heat tyme

Early summer heat
looking at the whiteness on
the virgins' faces
おとめらの かんばせ白き 薄暑かな
靜堂 (by Seidou)

Narrative: In the early summer (now, on this date), it is still cool to feel the heat from the sun. No houseflies, lizards, bees or mosquitoes alive so we can open the house and let the breeze dance in. The temperature is also not high enough to create humidity, so we do not perspire at all.
We can feel the whiteness of the world in the cool sun.
White is the colour of blank paper and early summer indicates new beginning.
For people starting on a journey towards a full-time career or starting a new term on the road to learning, everything on the paper is white.
White as in the innocence of the virgins's face, young girls starting new on the road to adulthood.
On this whiteness, the recordings of their lives are written.
Just like the early summer heat...a clean, crisp, new beginning.
ps: image is not my house.

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