Monday, April 13, 2009

Tyme of iris tsunami

Iris blooms for one month only. So for those who come to this island expecting to see iris, please make sure the time is right. If you come in December and say to me you want to see iris, I will say to come back again for the tsunami blue in April.
Both of us make our way up north, driving about 100km. The weather was beautiful at 24c and this two days the rain is having time off, letting the sun glows everywhere.
When we reached the hide-out (hide-out because the valley of iris was surrounded by hills), I was totally strucked by the immensely beautiful sea of blue, waving with the gentle motion of the wind.
Like a woman crazy in love for the first time, I fly amongst the blooms. I don't know in which direction to turn to. Everywhere and I mean everywhere, far and near my eyes see, the gentle wave of blue eveloped my being, swallowed my body. I cannot breathe with this beauty. If I could paint, if only I could paint this feeling...

Iris tsunami/
drowning all eyes heartlessly/
blue souls in blue clouds.
This haiku was inspired immediately.


  1. How blessed you are Kak Lela to be able to view such nice flowers. Wish we can be there too to view the lovely iris blooms.

  2. SubhanaAllah.. cantiknya ciptaan Allah...

  3. memang cantekkan...maklang dah lama berangan nak buat Iris RE ni...nantilah nak direalisasikan...

  4. dear auntie lela,
    cantik bunga iris ini. dulu tengok auntie dengan pokok lily. kalau di sini, harus ke cameron highland kalau hendak tgk bunga-bunga yang subur.

  5. How I wish that I can be there during the blooming....

    iris biru
    tatkala langit biru
    menggamit kimora di laut biru


  6. Kak Lela, kenapa sejak akhir2 ini kak lela tulis blog dalam bahasa inggeris? Tulislah dalam bahasa melayu...saya sukakannya.

    Im Danial