Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tatkala terdengar bisikan "pulang kampung"...

Dear respected readers,

Would someone be so kind enough to tell me what does that voice behind the chorus says...if my hearing is right, it sounds like "pulang kampung".

I like this song so much because that "pulang kampung" keeps on coming in the song.
By the way the song is "As I lay me down to sleep" by Sophie B. Hawkins.

Note for Kimora who left a comment below, if you type "inca(say: inka)" in google search, you will know who they are, what they wear (like the fashion I had in the picture) and the rest of the story.


  1. Not pulang kampung but ooh la kah is African...check out sophie b hawkins wikipedia on the song title As I Lay Me Down....

    1. thank you vc lee,
      I've checked it and in african, it means...wash your feet before sleep!!!
      so weird to have such meaning in this song but then again, the song-writer admits she wasn't thinking of anything when it goes...oo la ka ko :-)