Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My flight going back was due on 1 Jan. 2012 but I put myself on wait-list. Two days was about all the airlines people give to inform of available seat. I rushed to get the necessity edible things for home. Of course, I had excess baggage but this is the first time I have to pay like 5 man for it. I hate myself for this. Why can't I be like some smart lady who travel light and easy? I hate myself for this. Anyway, I found out there are some ways to avoid paying those excess baggage but this sudden knowledge only comes after I paid everything. There goes a sad ending. What is worse, my connecting flight left me. The first flight was delayed for an hour. This delay stretched the arrival time and I arrived one hour late. The connecting flight departed. The airline company gave me a free overnight stay with free dinner and breakfast. They promised me the first flight the next morning. Oh well! That is life. Things like this happened for a reason (I believe).

These are the books that I have to leave behind. What with baggage exceeding the normal 20 kg/person, I have like 20 kg of excess baggage. After making sad faces and pleading to the Chinese-speaking China Airlines officer, he agreed a certain allowance according to the airlines regulations (this he repeat often).

All these wonderful books below, gave a few pricks (like needle) in my heart to leave it but then my daughters assured me they will make sure it will reach me somehow.

Actually, I've some books bought last year that are still waiting for me to open the pages. So I should not be too greedy. What's important with books is to read it. READ IT! =========================================================

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  1. books...something that i wont leave behind.. :)
    tapi, kalau terpaksa, saya tinggalkan barang2 yang lain..kain baju misalnya..hehe..

    btw, salam kunjungan, salam hormat... :)