Saturday, December 31, 2011

O-misoka (Eve of 2011)

Today is O-misoka or New Year's Eve. These couple of days are the busiest for Japanese because they celebrate the calender New Year as their national new year as well. I went to the greengrocer yestersday, and was caught up with the occasion. Cars were lining up to enter the parking zone, I told hubby, "this is just like Singapore but in Singapore it happens everyday, not just on New Year festivity."
Like every other new year's eve, my family will be taking noodle for dinner while watching NHK Red and White Song contest. I'm looking forward for some new faces this year. The Girl Generation from Korea is invited this year. I like their dance step and the lacy, white hot pants is so faminine, so decorous. Then there is a hard, metal rock girl but strange thing she will sing a slow song, the theme song for the running morning drama-Carnation.
I heard Lady Gaga is invited as well. She will not make a personal appearance. I hope she won't be too skimpy in this video preformance.
Most families in Japan will be preparing toshi-koshi soba. Soba, a kind of noodle from bukewheat, is a normal everyday soba but eating this soba at the end of the year is very symbolic. Like bridging the old year into the new year.
Evey year, one of my sisters-in-law would do the flower but this year, she went for a trip and I have to do the flower. I should say my arrangement is not so bad at all.

May 2012 be better than 2011. May there be no child abuse. May Peace prevail on earth. May all of us, especially you (who have been so patient reading my life on this small screen) be healthy and happy (not necessary rich) to see another fruitful year ahead.


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  1. That's a lovely flower arrangement, Kak Lela.

    Happy new year to you and family.