Sunday, January 01, 2012

Into 2012

Toshi-koshi soba

This is toshi-koshi soba or as I said in the last entry, joining-the-year-noodle. We ate this for dinner to celebrate the end of the day in Gregorian year 2011.


This is our first breakfast. It is chicken clear soup with lots of vegetable and slabs of mochi rice. It is very filling as one mochi rice is equivalent to a bowl of rice.

To start the new year, let me introduce myself again. I stay on the southern most island of Japan, Okinawa island. My family moved to this island in 1996. Now both of us (hubby and I) are taking care of my hubby's father, fragile but otherwise healthy. This year on record he is 99, but he claimed 101 according to the Chinese calender and some people said he is 100.
Whatever, we still take care of him.
I have three children, two of which are staying in Singapore with their husbands. One is still studying in the same campus as his older sisters.

I love to read and love to write but my time is taken with household duties and chores that I find so unproductive. I do get stress over this at times. I also have a husband who talks to me everytime he passes by my table and this I have to bear with even during my writing time.

That's about it.



  1. Salam tahun baru kak lela..:-)

    Trip kak lela yg lepas x sempat kita berjumpa. Zar pun kebusyan menyiapkan buku kajian zar. Dah di lancarkan pun pada 31 oktober lepas...

    Apa pun, harap tahun 2012 memberi lebih rahmat buat kita semua

  2. puan zareda,
    memang kali ini balik bercuti bukan bercuti. terlalu penuh jadual sampai keletihan tak terhingga rasanya.
    tak apa tak jumpa, kita tak jumpa pun masih menerima khabar.
    doa yang sama dipanjatkan.

  3. Saya perkenalkan diri.

    Nama saya Aliff Muhammad Noor. Budak kampung Pasoh. Umur saya 30 tahun. Duduk di Seremban sebab kerja gomen. Saya bercita-cita hendak daki Gunung Fuji. Saya suka baca blog, tapi tiada masa hendak menulis panjang-panjang. Ha!ha!ha!

    Kak Leyla, Selamat Tahun Baru!