Sunday, March 21, 2004


I've been trying to get my hands on "Lord of the Ring-The Twin Towers" for a month now. I think people in Malaysia and elsewhere have seen this movie ages ago but in Japan, even though I know the latest movie-making and such, I still have not seen it!!!

The list on my have-to-see movie....

Lord of the Ring-The Twin Towers
Harry Potters (The 3rd)
The Last Samurai
Kill Bill
Mona Liza Smile
The Cold Mountain

This is so pathetic. We share the same air-wave with the USA military channel. I know the latest movie showing in USA. I know movies that are in-the-making but I also know that I can only see those movies 6 months later.
Of course, some friends say go, see it at the cinemaplex, at yen 1500 = RM52.00 per person???
Well, that's the rate in Japan. I can buy 3 pcs of whole chicken with that much money. No, I will not waste that money just to satisfy my movie desire.
The first movie I saw in a theatre in Japan was in 1983 "Flash Dance", that was also the last.

Yesterday, I saw The Oprah Winfrey Show and she was commenting on the lastest movie "Thirteen".
This movie is about the true history of a 13 year-old girl who has se-x with 8 boys at the same time. How the 13 year-old girl did her rounds of "toss the salad" (doing oral on anal) and "rainbow parties" (girls leaving lipstick marks on the pe-nis). How sick can the ame-ricans society gets...!!!
Anyway, I am not into details on that.

The movie "Lord of the Ring-The Twin Towers", was shown at all cinemaplex in Okinawa for 3 months, then the DVD was released at Yen 300 = RM 10.00 for a day's rental. This rate is called the new-released rate and will be on for 3 months. Then a couple of months ago "The Twin Towers" was rated as old-released (same price=RM10.00 for a week's rental).
The video rental shop has 45 DVD of this title and everytime I went looking for it, it was "rented out"!!!

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