Wednesday, June 01, 2011

...and the trees are empty.

Our yamamomo tree has been growing for 13 years and has no fruits yet. But early this May, I saw some tiny fruit buds. That very day, I saw the fruit buds was also the same day I received an email for the editor in Spore about the publication of my short story in Spore mainstream Malay-language newspaper. So on the very day I have two very good news. Between the publication of my first short story and the fruiting of my yamamomo plant, I was more overjoyed with the success of my plants. It took 13 years to at last told me that it would not disappoint me.
Alas, last week strong typhoon storm took all the fruits down. I was so looking forward to have a taste of my own yamamomo.
(The yamamomo in this photo is taken from a nearby park about 10 years ago. See how I craved for yamamomo that my husband was willing to climb a tree in the park to steal some).
Last week's typhoon was this year second typhoon. It surely took us by surprise. It was slow and weak almost 2 days, when it travel from the South China Sea. Then when it reached the island, it lashed so strong suddenly for the night.
All the fruits are gone. Nothing is left on the trees. We have plentiful lychee but those too are gone now.

This is the first time ever a typhoon brought damage to our property (not only the fruits). As I said, we were taken by surprise with such strength. We were not prepared. This gave us a few lessons to be learnt. The next time, we will surely bear in mind to keep updates on local weather.



  1. Tak ada rezeki.

    Congrats on your short story publication. Ada link tak?

  2. begitu rapatnya kak leyla dgn alam sekeliling..melayan setiap pokok dgn emosi bak keluarga sendiri..setengah org, pandang pokok pun tidak apatah lagi punya perasaan terhadap keindahan hijauan tu..

  3. lina,
    I found out they put the link for only a week. After that (Berita Minggu Spore) the link is empty. I have the original paper but I can't scan, my scanning machine is not working. I don't know how to upload for you.

  4. Maryam Chin,
    It is quite unavoidable not to appreciate nature when it is on all sides. Not unless one is staying in a concrete jungle and sees nothing but concrete.

  5. salam kak lela,

    alahai, sedeynya bila dgr pokok2 tu tumbang sblm smpt merasanya tapi pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya kan? sy teringat satu cerita fasal orang muda & orang tua. Org muda makan buah dan bijinya dibuang begitu sahaja ttp org tua menanamnya semula. bukan utk dirinya tp utk generasi akan datang yg dapat merasainya. "bersyukur kpd Tuhan & orang terdahulu yg membantu menanamnya krn hari ini kita dapat merasainya dan harapnya akan berkekalan utk akan datang".


    suzieana aka suzana