Monday, June 06, 2011


I know Japanese people don't take these herbs. In the Malay language it is named penggaga but another official name for it is hydrocotyle asiatica.
This is the Japanese version and the Japanese assumed it is wild grass.
I went to a friend's house and saw this herb while waiting for her to get ready. I picked and made kerabu penggage. Actually this dish is suggested by many interested friends in Facebook when I wrote about it and asked for some receipes related to it.
kerabu penggaga
Penggaga is a humble herbs, almost invisible like the grass but so much health benefits and one of them is alleviating anxiety. It is proven, trust me!
So I wanted my friend to know its importance and when to her house showing her some ways to cook it. Actually, I want her to keep this herb in her garden so I have to tell her the benefits as well. She is going through some menopausal syndrome and felt excited knowing that this herb might reduced her high anxiety and stabilized her irregular mood.
There! My supply of penggaga is saved! Yeah!



  1. Salam Leyla...

    Correct spelling should be 'pegaga'... :)

  2. Bawang goreng (hm...what sort of name is that?)

    Semak kamus dewan...penggaga dan pegaga-kedua versi boleh digunakan.

  3. salam kak,

    osah eh lah, kek jopon pun ado pegago, kok kek kampung sonang nak cari pegago yang tumbuh melato kek laman. Kok akak ado balik padang sobang sok, bolehlah kontek2.