Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...thousandth steps behind

Every year on this very day, my daughters sent me something to remember it with. This pair of Swarovski blue earrings was from last year. When I opened the box, it hanged on my ears for about 10 minutes and then I kept in some dark place and only today I think of it again.
Then some years ago, I got this really masculine watch. I opened the box and tried it on. It hanged on my thin wrist pitifully. The face of the watch covers the whole length of my wrist. I put it back in the box and on this very day, my thoughts come back to it.
Kenneth Cole
Some days back, one of my daughters asked me what I want this year. I simply said, nothing!
I don't want them to send me anything. Thanks the Al-mighty God, I don't feel the need to have anything at this age. I've got what I wanted so far and that is enough. I don't need material things anymore.
"Ok, if you insist. Just buy me dinner when I go over there!"
That is all I want, some dinner and family time to share with you and your new family.
That goes with friends too. I insist not to take any gifts when I see them. It is not that I'm not willing to receive those gifts but just a little additional something would add to my luggage weight and miseries as well.
Just give me books and if you can't give me books, then saved your money and buy me dinner. Definition of dinner for me is good enough with Pulut tapai.
Hello Kitty
But I still need certain basics to maintain my living. The red wallet has been with me for like 5 or 6 years. It is torn ed, tattered, stained with my dirty fingers but it is still useful. But I think 5 or 6 years is enough, don't you agree?
So I pampered myself and got one of those childish Hello Kitty wallet. But who cares?
Childish or not, I like it even if my age has advanced some thousand steps.
On this special day, June 14, I have given a special birthday present for a special person whom I love so much!



  1. salam...selamat hari jadi kak. ucapan ni hadaiah daripada saya :)

  2. Salam Kak,

    I love your wallet. Tengok wallet tu teringat mine. A black canvas adidas sporty wallet from my blog buddy's last year giveaway. Mula2 nak bagi kat hubby tapi dia kata tak muat poket seluar. Ended up saya yang pakai. and saya rasa selesa dan ringkas. JAnji puas hati, kan?...

    Tapi akak punya wallet tu memang comel. It suits you (based on your blog). Happy bestday.. :)

  3. salam kembali unsunghero,
    menerima ucapan itu dgn doa semoga unsunghero sekeluarga bersama perempuan Johor bahagia selalu.

  4. as salam ummufatihah,
    k leyla pun pernah terlihat wallet adidas itu. Tapi kita perempuan, berapa lanjut juga umur, kita masih ingin dibelai dgn barang2 comei begini.
    Menerima ucapan ini dgn hati gembira, terima kasih.

  5. kita ada hari birthday yang sama... bonne fete kak....