Friday, June 17, 2011

Ume Tonic

Ume Fruit (from google)

June brings the hot air from the south full blast without warning. Even the fans at full power do not help. Some people got heat-stroke but the truth is, I love the heat. I love to feel droplets of sweat dripping down my body. I love to perspire. To perspire means the skin (which is the largest organ in our body) is healthy. A little heat is priceless to stay in health.
Weak humans need added strength to keep up with the heat. I have a home-made way to just do that. It is the ume fruiting season and the good thing, the secret is in this ume tonic.

I made myself this ume tonic and you can read all the health benefits of it here.
My Ume Tonic
So for many days to come this summer, I'll be sipping this sweet tonic to keep my body, in and out, clean and healthy.


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  1. I like the heat but I cant stand being under the direct sun. ^^