Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yukihiro Peace song

Okinawa Peace Memorial Park
Ti's the season again in Okinawa. The season in commemoration of Okinawa independence from American colonialism, memorial of the WW2 deaths, remembrance of WW2 that took place on this island and other islands around it (see the movie Letter from Iwojima).
There is a huge cenotaph on the south of this island where every name of WW2 victims are engraved on stone memorials. Every year more names are added as victims of WW2 die off.

Requiem Concert for Peace
The City of Itoman where the Peace Memorial Park is located, hold many events for this occasion. Last week I went to a concert requiem with Peace as the theme.
The items included songs of peace by chorus of school children and a stage show. But one interesting item was the declamation of poems or tanka the Japanese called it by a group of ladies. These tanka are selected amongst thousands contributed especially for this events. Of course the main theme for these tanka are World Peace.

The Rocker, Yukihiro

Actually, I was really pulled along to attend this occasion. A friend from my haiku group is a fan of a local rocker who was giving a performance for this concert. So I went along, as I've met this rocker on a Live Show as a birthday treat from this same friend. Actually, my friend was impressed with this rocker by his kindness to perform free for an autism charity events that my friend is organizing. After hearing the normal payment that comes with him, I thought that was a kind thing to give a free show based on his value for one night.
So I became another of his fans. If you guys want to hear his songs, go to YouTube and type on the search bar Peace Yukihiro or Yukihiro Okinawa or go to his blog www.yukihiro-okinawa.com
Anyway, see how I was squeezed in this picture by the enthusiatic rocker and my friend.


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