Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dancing the word tyme

I am writing in three languages. Sometimes, I feel my head is so bogged with words and terminalogy of all the three languages that I can't feel the head exist anymore.
Sometimes, I touched my head just to make sure it is still there.
All the mixture of word floats in my head, searching for an opening, wanting to be free but the thing is, there is NO EXIT POINT!
I am so frustrated when those words refused to come out of its comfortable and warm zone. Hard as I tried to force it out.
Otto suggested I danced, so the words would slowly seep out of this body.
No, that is out. Way out.
Otto reminded me to bring back all those dancing steps and movements that I learnt every week when I was 37 and 38 years young.
That time, after learning every new dance routine, I would do the whole performance for Otto. He'd loved to see me dancing. Though he never comment anything. He would just sit and looked at me dancing away and stay quiet that way.

The video below is one of the dance routine I did minus the IPOD, of course. Where in the world would one have an IPOD at that time? Those time, the latest in-thing is the WalkMan with the big CD player hanging on the belt.
Now, instead of dancing, I'm very contend to just listen to the fast beat. I do shake from the belt up but that is so minimal.

Talking about languages, tell me the name of a vegetable that sound almost alike in all these three languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Japanese).

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