Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lapping-top tyme

This is my new girl. Just got it 2 days ago. My old playpal just dropped dead on my face. She couldn't take all the bashing on her day and night. I worked her till she collapsed on my feet. Poor girl.
Anyway, I was with the old girl for 6 faithful years. Day and night, we were together. Sometimes, my tears dropped on her face while I expressed my heart out, sometimes she see me smiled when people dropped by to make funny comments, she was with me all those wonderful times when my children were growing up. She stood by me but she died last week, while I was sleeping.
Thank you Sony, old girl, I will miss you. At celeron 1.8GHz with only 60GB, you were the top in the market when I got you. I took you in at US1,700. But now, you cannot take it anymore. I demand so much from you. I overload you with so much data and sometimes makes you breathless, I am so sorry, old girl.

Sony, old girl, I have to get a new friend since you left me. I cannot be by myself too long. I will be mentally-slanted. I admit I am the unfaithful type. You know I will not bury you, you will be on my table until the time I feel fit to keep you tidily away. I am watching you as I am writing this farewell piece, Sony Old girl.
Here is the new friend.
She is small and cute, pretty smile and beautiful teeth.
She is the size of half A4 paper and I can carry her around. Not that I love her more than you, no.
The reason why I got a small, pretty, cute girl is so I can take her to Spore and Msia. So she can be my travel companion. Let me introduce you to her.
I give her a sweet name Lavie girl. Nice name right? Sony, old girl, I know you'll like her as well.

Her size is only at 8.9-inch 1024 x 600CD with 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, 160GB HDD, 1GB of RAM, 802.11b/g WiFi, SD slot, 1.3 megapixel webcam, XP Home.

She is so small but I can load her full at 160GB. This time I know she can take all the data I throw in her brains. She even have this small eye in her head at 1.3 megapixel, which is clear and sharp. All my friends and children over the world can see me talking. But, the best part is she has a small slot for SD card. You know right, when I go travelling I take lots of photos, so this time I can just slot in the SD card and ta da, I can load in the photos right there.

I bought a small carry-case for Lavie. She is so light at 1.17kg, I don't think I have trouble now while waiting in the transit lounge at Khai Tak Airport in between transit time.

No, you will always be in my mind Sony, Old girl. Thank you for being with me all the 6 years. Luv you and you are in my memory always.


  1. Amboi..jeless..nak jugak sebuah yang cute macam tuu...

  2. i was looking for a netbook too... congrats to you for a new girl!

  3. Saya pun kalau ada $$$ dah lama curang with my Acer. Hehehe.

    Nak ke mana tu duk lepak di Khai Tak airport tu?

  4. bestnya... kena tangkap la juga satu... tapi yg murah2 je la... ke ke ke... best plak sejak ada broadband ni, senang nak online ;)

  5. k.lela,
    sangat comel la laptop ni :)