Friday, January 02, 2009

Morning that sips time

I've been eating clear soup with spinach, shiitake mushrooms and carrots adding 2 pieces of mochi rice-cake for the past 3 days.
On top of that I haven't been cooking for several days as we are eating sashimi (raw fish) all the time. Those are gifts from people around us. It's not like we are in with the festive occasion, it's just that the current of flow pulls us in the wave of celebrations.
The cold, biting winter wind that is blowing from the north as a way of nature welcoming the changing year, is stopping me from stepping out in the world.
Sipping on a cup of hot, milk coffee, I looked at the sparrows in my front yard feeding on the bird feeds that Otto throws.

Yes, life is easy,
Life is moving,
and I'm moving easily with life.

The last singer of the Kouhaku Utagassen 2008 (The Red & White Singing Contest)-Hikawa Kiyoshi with Zun-doko Bushi.
The song is about how he missed his mother while staying apart, starting a new life of his own.


  1. Alhamdullilah rezeki akak murah dapat sashimi hadiah dari jiran ya. Lain kali kalau jelak pass ler kat saya di padang pasir ni ;)

  2. Selamat Tahun Baru Kak Lela! Following ur blog since 2006, seronok baca kisah keluarga "air batu campur" akak....

  3. salam maal hijrah dan salam tahun baru kak lela..

  4. salam maal hijrah(belum terlambat lagi kan?) Patutpun tunggu minyak seribu bunga kita rupanya dah terkambus dlm hutan lili yang semerbak.

    Klela, saya cemburu tau awak dapat guling2 dlm ladang lili tu :'(