Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dip in Beauty tyme

Foreign people or as the law in Japan called them The Aliens, should never missed the chance to have a bath in the BathHouse or the Communal Bath. I am not afraid to swear that communal bathing is a very unique experience.
Of course, there are rules to follow before dipping your bare body in the bubbly, hot water and if you ignore those rules, for sure another fellow bather would tell you off or let you know the rules with exact precision.
You'll see from the picture, all the gadgets I use in the grooming process.

You will have to leave your shoes before entering the changing room. Once inside the changing room, you will be allocated a locker. Everything goes in. Normally, I wrapped myself with the brown, soft material. I would carry my gadget in a small container into the communal bath area.

Usually, shampoo and body soap is provided at every shower point. You used your own thing from home if you fancy those they provided is not to your liking.

Wet your hair and shampoo, use the hair srubber if you don't have long nails to scratch your head. Shower off and apply hair conditioner.

Here is what I normally do, while the conditioner do the work, I would sit in the sauna, letting the heat seep in the hair, 10 minutes is more than I can bear in there.

From the sauna, I would sit under the shoulder-beater. Shoulder-beater is water that falls off from the top in heavy beating movement on both the shoulder. I would repeat the trip from sauna to the shoulder-beater about 4 rounds. I really need the shoulder-beater, all these writings on the keyboard makes my shoulder cry.

Wash off the conditioner and I am on the body grooming stage now.

First of, brush my teeth. Then, with a stone-scrub, both feet goes under the gruelling srubbing.

Finish that, goes the elbow and knee scrub. You know sometimes those areas are rough, so a little scrub will make them smile. I have the razor ready but I don't need to disclose how I use it. Some things need to be kept private.

Out ooze the body soap from BodyShop. Long, brush goes behind my back. Pulling on the string on each side, up and down the whole trunk. But for the front, I used softer materials that need softer rubbing, here I used body wash-clothe.
You noticed all this time, I have not soak in any hot tub yet. Yes, that is the BIG rule.
After all these rubbing and scrubbing, only now I can soak in any of the hot water pools. Of course, there are various functions the water can do for you. There is the jacuzzi that beat your painful backs, there is the message attack that do your shoulder, there is the bubble trip that bring you all the way to the clouds and of course there is the perfume bath that fills with lavender scent or cherry-blossom. Scents of flowers that are in the season.
I would finish my rounds with a dip in the scented pool and come out feeling really flowery and blossomy.
With a clean and dry towel, I go for the second, grooming round in the changing room. I called this the after-bath groom and this will take another 45 minutes.
Shortest time I take from the start point till I walk away from there would be like 4 hours.
Hey, that is the shortest time. When my mood run away, I would be there like 5 hours and my skin would beg for mercy.
Girlfriends and female-bloggers closed to me, come have a dip with me.


  1. So many steps. :)
    I have yet entered into one, not because of the no clothes requirement, but the fact that I might do something totally faux pas there. :D

  2. Laaa kaklela tak larat la saya nak berjalan dari satu section ke section lain dgn bende-bende yg dah sagging ni!